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Are you ready to eradicate self-doubt, amplify your creative brilliance and radiate your light in your field and in the world?

Our Purpose is to guide and support you to

Uncover and Own Your Truth, Express it and Live it

Let's Learn Together from the Comfort of Your Home

The Curriculum

Grow at Your Own Pace

12-Month Group Programme

Creative Life

A Path to Balance & Harmony

A 12-month programme starting in January 2025


Artists have a unique ability to express, share and communicate through their chosen art form and this agency can be particularly potent in creating and co-creating alternative ways of being, feeling, thinking and doing. In the current bleak world climate, your voice can be a significant catalyst for alternative ways of perceiving, for (self)understanding as well as a sense of (inter)connectedness to both the tangible and the intangible. 

For those of you seeking to become beacons in your fields, radiate as guiding lights and create a positive impact in your communities and in the world, this is your gateway to living in alignment with your purpose and to boundless creativity.

Join an intimate cohort of Self-Explorers in this deep dive into creative essence and universal creativity through self-enquiry, groups sessions, individual coaching, workshops, masterclasses and much more.

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Grow at Your Own Pace

Grow at Your Own Pace

Online Programmes

Setting the Scene

Frames & Re-Frames

Scout beyond Familiar boundaries

Excavate Yours and Your Family legacies

Devise an Inspired Synthesis of Your Life priorities

Design a Resonant Life Vision

Step 1

The Journey Home

Emotional Freedom

Connect to Your Body's wisdom

Learn How to Freely Access Your intuition

Heal Seen and Unseen wounds

Nurture Your Connection to Your Deepest Self

Step 2

Step 1 is a pre-requisite

Grow at Your Own Pace

From Creative Block to Flow

Get Unstuck with Your Creative Project


Do you need a fresh pair of eyes?

Do you feel you have veered off course?

Do you feel your current iteration doesn't match your creative vision?

Is something off, disconnected or missing?

Are you stuck?

How this works

You book a Discovery Call to discuss what you're stuck with, and what your needs and goals are. You provide the material you would like reviewed. You then have a one hour audio or video call for the creative feedback with Rosa. After the call, you will receive an audio of the main points discussed.

The cost is contingent on the type and length of project for example reading a script or a book, viewing a film (short or feature), and how much time is required to review it prior to the 1:1 session. 

Are you ready to re-align yourself and get back on your creative journey?

Book a free 30 minute Discovery Call 

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Meet rosa Abidi

Rosa is an educator, facilitator and online creator specialising in self-trust, emotional healing and creativity. She is committed to supporting others on their individual evolutionary journey towards their higher consciousness and creative brilliance. She is adept at seeing, and guiding others to see connections and patterns between seemingly unrelated elements in themselves, in their work, and in their lives. She has crafted programmes for artists and creatives that explore every domain of their lives, as well as every layer of their being: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. She guides and supports Self-Explorers on a intrapersonal, interpersonal and transpersonal journey that is both informative and transformative.


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