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Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis
& Past Life Therapy: Whazzat...? 

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Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

So what is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to treat an ever-increasing range of behavioural, psychological and psycho-somatic problems.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of mind and a psychological tool that we all have access to naturally, and which we can further develop with practice. 

When it is used unaided, it is called self-hypnosis; when it is done with the help of a trained professional, it is called hypnotherapy.


How does it work?

Hypnosis is a state of mind where your unconscious is able to communicate with your conscious mind.

What is the 'unconscious'?

The unconscious, also referred to as the 'subconscious', comprises of everything (memories, beliefs, habits, mindsets etc.) that lie outside of conscious awareness. We cannot hold everything in conscious awareness at all times, and so it is kept in the unconscious. All automatic processes, including bodily functions, are performed by the unconscious. 

The metaphor often used is that of an iceberg. The visible tip represents the conscious mind, whilst the invisible huge mass that we tap into (about 90%), is the unconscious.

Why communicate with the unconscious?

We usually try to address emotional, psychological and psycho-somatic (health) problems on a conscious level only. However, this is rarely enough because all blocks, limiting beliefs and root causes of issues are to be found in the unconscious. It is therefore essential to communicate with the unconscious to uncover the root cause, the heart of the problem so to speak, so that profound transformation and lasting change can take place.

Can anyone experience hypnosis? 

The 4 key elements to a state of hypnosis are: 

  • A relaxed mind

  • A relaxed body

  • Concentration

  • Imagination

When someone is engrossed in reading a book, watching a film, contemplating nature, in a daydream or performing an activity without realising it - for example driving or walking home on 'auto-pilot', they are in a state of 'trance' or hypnosis. We all experience this state, often several times a day, to varying degrees. 

So practically everyone can experience hypnosis, except for people under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication, and those suffering from psychosis. Ah... and those who are not willing to enter that state... simply won't.

Can I be made to do or say things I don’t want to?

No, you cannot be made to do, say or remember what you don’t want to. As a hypnotherapist, I am the facilitator of a natural process you are in control of throughout. You are free to accept or reject any suggestions made to you.

What do I need, to feel and see self-transformation?

An open mind and a commitment to addressing the issues, mindsets or behaviours you've to come to address and change. I will guide you and empower you to make these changes happen.

What should I expect?

You will gently be guided to a state of deep mental and physical relaxation, which will allow you to move from your unsatisfactory present, to a healthy and creative alternative future. 

Past Life Regression Therapy

Did you say 'Past Lives'...?

Yes, I am referring to lives we have lived prior to this one. 

Isn't that religious 'nonsense'?

The concept is part of the religious belief system of many parts of the world, and was at one time part of the teachings of some of the monotheistic religions too. Nowadays, it is usually dismissed in the West as the stuff of mystics and wishful or gullible spiritual seekers. Yet, there is academic research available in the West, and when one takes the time to look into it, the evidence of past lives is overwhelming.

How do we know these stories are not all made up?

There are numerous books on the subject, and by asking family, friends and acquaintances, you may be surprised by what you hear! For the more scientifically inclined, the University of Virginia's School of Medicine has been conducting research on children and past lives for the past 50 years, on every continent. There are innumerable accounts of accurate and verified descriptions of ordinary and often obscure individuals' lives, that cannot be explained on any other ground.

Why should I care about my past lives?

For most people, root causes of emotional, mental, physical or spiritual issues are to be found in this life, and there is no need to look any further. However, there are situations where the root cause is to be found in previous lives. Most importantly, whether one believes in past lives or not, exploring them can bring about profound healing. For many people, this is reason enough to be open to the experience.

What is 'Regression'?

Regression simply means being guided back to an earlier time to examine particular events or situations. This technique is used in hypnotherapy, where we go back to earlier times in this life.

Some people spontaneously regress to past lives in general hypnotherapy sessions, whilst others experience flashes of past life memories in their waking state, independent from the therapy room.

What is 'Past Life Regression Therapy'?

Past Life Regression Therapy (or Past Life Therapy) explores previous lives to uncover the root of problems. For example, the root cause of many unexplained phobias, sudden unexplained physical aches and pains, or even some relationship issues or weight problems in this life, can be found in past lives. I use hypnosis to guide you through the exploration of your past lives. 

How long are the sessions?

I offer Past Life Therapy as part of your hypnotherapy treatment, if this is the best way forward and you are willing. Sometimes, clients spontaneously regress to past lives in a regression session, and we explore them then. Hypnotherapy sessions last up to 90 minutes.

However, some people choose to book a one-off Past Life Therapy session either to address a particular problem, for a deeper experience on their spiritual journey, or out of curiosity. For this,

I offer one-off sessions lasting 2.5 hours or 4 hours. 

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